Sunday, May 06, 2012

school dayzzzzz

hahahah i know i haven been blogging cause i'm damn lazy and nua and i always sleep thru my weekends -nobfdays-

school's been greeeeeeeeeat. kinda sad i couldn't get an A for any of my modules yet ]: and C has been consistently showing up... urgh
this sleepy heads hahaha
 never really bothered to dress up cos i just wna be comfortable HAHAH 
did marbling AGAIN, which i'm pretty proud of cause it looks so elegant!! 

i took up korean lessons with my sis, last week was our first lesson and it was damn havoc cause the class was freaking fullllllllll. well we managed to learn a thing or two. hahahha but lessons are on monday 7pm ]: looks like i've got time to do solo shopping at bugis every monday then. hahahah


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