Saturday, June 09, 2012


Here comes my weekly update. hahahha 

so i'm having my 2 weeks hols which would end in another 2 more pathetic days, WHICH suppose is meant for our study break for UT. apparently i have not done any studying at all. as usual. ah well it's always like this isn't it hehehehe 

So i got a one day job as make up promoter recommended by vernice last week. Was promoting Heroine make, and they provided me a couple of their products since i'm like promoting it so i should use it right hahaah. 

 I took a freaking long bus from tiong bahru to pasir ris which took round 2 hours, i didn't even alight at pasir ris cos my butt was literally numb. and i drew a drowning boi using the liquid liner they gave hahaha

 I swear this is one job that i got so fucking fucked up since i worked in different places before. It was located like at Takashimaya's watsons. Not the promoting itself sucked but it was the fucking watsons staffs!! oh god they fucking made me went back home to get my shoes and pants changed cos it was not black. my pants were fucking super dark blue la and they requested full black. i mean it isn't really obvious even seriously. 
They told me i could just purchase one there and get it changed. And apparently i wasn't very willing to buy one cos it would cost me round $50+ to get both the pants and shoes, and my pay is just freaking $63. 
So i went back to tamp and meanwhile got my mom to search for my pants and shoes so as not to waste any time (afraid they'll deduct my pay hahah) and when i reached tamp i was so fucking tempted to just go home and dua the fucking job. But i decided to go anyw sigh regretting as fuck cos my mom found the one and only black heels which was spoiled, and hurting my feet the 

And the most embarrassing thing that can happen in my life, i freaking rang the fire exits siren. HAHAHAH okay la i was in a fucking rush and i ran all around taka's lvl 1 finding the exit. but seriously diu my life 

 changed my nails again it should turn out very nice if not for the led lamp >: it's new and idk how to use it.....

 and mah fat bb

 made popcorns

Went out with vernice to get my pay and for some shopping that we haven't done for long!
 cutie bb

 super fucking orgasm good ramen at ramen play! ajisen is nothing compared to this.

 got a bad haircut and resorting to clipping ma hair up everyday

 damage : $140 spent my pay in an instant hahahah fnally got my perfume yay!

dreading school as fuck.


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