Saturday, July 07, 2012

new hair + cosplay life

HI !!! 
hahah yes i got myself dip dyed hair!! Actually it was pretty impromptu cos it was like the day before then i decided hahah. 
In case anyone asked, yes i did them myself, i bleached and dyed them myself. (okay w the help of zhilin that diedie wna come over my place after giving me a call knowing that i'm doing my hair) I got the dye from angeline's instocks, which i guess she got them from online overseas, but i'm definitely gna get more colors from her when her batch opens! 
Initially i wanted to get her blue ones but it doesn't match with my current hair color and i would have to dyed my whole head black to match it with blue... so i got the red instead. 

The bleach costs me $4. IKR HAHAH i thought $4 bleach is gna totally ruin my hair till zhilin told me bleach is gna ruin your hair anyway, so i got them!! Dip dye isn't my initial choice either, i wanted highlights but i didn't know how to do them and i felt dip dye were pretty cool so i went ahead and did it HAHAH 

 Not too bad right?! i was so afraid it turned out super jialat cos by far i know all my friends who got crazy colors on their hair some colors didn't turn out what they want or there's bits of red here and there and not equal. And everyone said it's nice!! super happy [: Esp the braids! tried braiding fishtail and it turned out really nice!!! 

Well it's been a week since i dyed it and right now the state is pretty horrible HAHAAH have been taking extra care for my hair since it's bleached and applying hair serum to it (i'm a super lazy person) which i normally doesn't, now i can feel my hair in the grass state. HAHAHA and the color's fading alr so it's not as bright red as you guys see it is in the pictures.. it turned kinda.. reddish orange?? hahahah probably i'll touch up when i'm not too lazy or something [:

SO.... today's cosfest and it's like.... i'm rotting away at home. literally.... I have not prepared any costume nor finished up anything at all!! i was suppose to cosplay with kana but i told her i'm really lazy and i'm down w a horrible flu. 
It's been so fast!! Last year when anna haven't moved out of her place in pasir ris we still went down her house to prepare and all! i was still so hyped then.. 
I mean.. it's been round 3 years since i got in touch with cosplay. From just a passerby to slowly knowing more friends and cosplaying till now. It's been really fun and all, went to different shoots knowing different people, and making own prop and costume. 
In the past i could get up at 6-7am in the morning just to prepare for the event. Despite it be very far we're all still very hyped about it, and i can still get sleepless nights because i'm really excited for it. I love how i'm able to show the really gorgeous outfits i made in the public and getting pictures taken by people! And until now i still love how it feels. But i'm just really lazy...... and tired. I alr felt tired just by thinking that if i had to cosplay for the weekend and on monday i'll be dead, on the bed and not go to school. 

I've not told anyone about this but i rmb for the first event i went, cosfest '09 that event that made me felt that like wow cosplay is really amazing, and that night i even dreamt about a passerby giving me his costume to cosplay for him. HAHAHA cos at that point of time i felt cosplaying is like totally a dream for me. Then slowly i know alot more friends and know how it works la! like wigs costumes props and all. 

Missed that feeling.. having to get up really early, super excited over the event.. but now i seldom watch anime too ]: probably passed the age for me.. kinda sad ]: 

STILL. i'm going for cosfest tmr with vernice just to have a look and catch up with our friends! kinda looking forward to it! ^^ A picture of giant me and le cutie pie to end the post! bye!!


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