Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just another day

HI! it's been round near 2 months since i last blogged. hahah well looking back at my last blog post, i have now dyed out my red dip dyes! it's been also round 2 weeks since i dyed it brown and now it's fading back to the bleach parts hahaha this shows how lazy i am to blog. 

Anyway last tuesday was the last day of semester for me and my class. Next comes UT3. Swear can't bear to part with them. All of them are very fun humorous bunch of people, can't seem to hold in my tears when i got home. 

Love girls and rafiq [:
And Chong who's a very good brother! and cat lover too [:
 I'm so going to miss them.

 Life been pretty boring too, either night prata or shopping with vernice. Natsu Matsuri ytd hahah also spending time with my love!

Hi love~
 If you've been following my twitter you would have known i've been ranting whole of ytd morning, i slept at 4 in the morning and was woken up by mom's scream at 6. Apparently our door got splashed red paint and padlocked. None of our family gambles and borrowed loan shark so we presume it's targeted to the previous owner of the flat.

Called the police at 6:15 and they arrived at 8:15. They said because there were many flats who got the same case as well. hahah probably the loanshark runners wna settle it all at once. hahah spend my morning cleaning it all w mom too. 
The number above is unknown too lol. mad fucking suay.........FOR ME. -_- slept at 4am because i drank teh peng that night whilst prataing T_T fml 

UT3 starts tmr i'm so gna die


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